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Supply & Trading

Libya Oil Supply DMCC (LOS), located at the Headquarters office in Dubai, is the trade and supply arm of the Libya Oil Holding Group. LOS has been established in the recent years to centralize the refined products supply function, both to maximize economies of scale and, wherever possible, to optimize deliveries to group companies in accordance with their requirements.  LOS has a worldwide portfolio of major commercial partners and averages about 2.0 Billion Euros in turnover. The global network of Libya Oil Supply has commercial activities in the energy market around the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East and Singapore. The company has approvals for the supply and trade with major oil companies, refineries and national commercial companies.

There are two distinct operations of Libya Oil Supply:

  • Supply:
The supply operation’s task is to ensure efficient and economical supply of OiLibya Group affiliates with their products requirements (within the limitations of local regulations and restrictions).
  • Trade:
The trading operation deals with 3rd parties, and is a major partner of the Libyan National Oil Corporation for imports into and exports from Libya of crude and refined products.

If you would like to contact Libya Oil Supply, click on Contact Us and select "Trade and Supply" in the drop down menu or reach us at the Corporate Headquaters at +97144295000 or at