Safety, Health & Environment


Our approach to Safety, Health & Environment
The nature of our products and operations may pose risks to Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E). Hence, OiLibya Group has developed a SH&E Policy and is highly committed to manage it consistently through
out our operations.

For our Group, SH&E is not optional; it is mandatory and requires vision, commitment, tools, plannings, and continuous attention.  To this effect, a Safety Health and Environmental Management System has been developed and is implemented to provide guidance to our business managers, employees & contractors. SH&E risks are assessed using  a risk based approach to ensure that adequate controls & mitigation measures are in place to prevent potential Safety, Health & Environmental incidents from occurring.

Accidents do not just happen; they are always a result of people’s actions or inactions. Therefore, they are preventable. We have a robust SH&E organization with responsibilities & accountabilities defined at all levels. In addition to that, performance appraisals are conducted regularly for continuous improvement. We keep track of Incident records related to our operations in order to capture and share lessons learned as well as best practices   .

Personnel Safety
Our primary priority is “No harm to people”. This can be achieved through a proactive approach; a change in the mindset of the workforce to achieve a belief that all incidents are preventable & enhance a “Safety First” culture. 

  • Frontline personnel (employees & contractors) involved in our critical activities are key in risk control and mitigation. 
  • We provide work procedures and encourage compliance with rules & procedures.
  • We assess competence and provide training with regard to SH&E. 
  • Ongoing hazard identification process is in place. 
  • Employees & contractors are encouraged to report accidents, near miss incidents & potential incidents. 
  • We regularly monitor performance of personnel (employee& contractor), analyze trend, look for improvement and take corrective actions.
Process safety
  • We give due consideration to safety requirements during selection, acquisition & installation of process equipments and facilities.
  • We provide training to work forces on the safe operating procedures and monitor effectiveness thereof.
  • We maintain integrity in our facilities to ensure an accident-free operation.
  • We assess potential emergency scenario, develop appropriate Emergency Preparedness & Response plans and carry our regular drill exercises to measure their effectiveness.
  • We convey awareness to our neighboring community regarding potential risks that could impact on them.

Road Safety  
In many countries, road transport operations pose major risks to Safety, Health & Environment. Most of work-related injuries and fatalities are caused by road accidents.

OiLibya Group pays particular attention to road safety by providing sets of standards & procedures to be respected by all employees and contractors involved in these activities.
In order to minimize risk to people and environment to an absolute minimum, our strategy is to focus on ensuring compliance to the set Vehicle Standards & Drivers Management.

We ensure that all drivers involved:
  • Are fit to operate the vehicles,
  • Undergo defensive driving training; and
  • Have been certified as competent drivers prior to starting work for our Company.

We regularly monitor performance of Road Safety for passenger vehicle (car) & delivery truck, analyze trend, look for improvement and take corrective actions.

Occupational Health
  • Our SH&E Management System is designed to help Managers monitor employee & contractor’s heath conditions.
  • Regular surveillance is conducted to identify potential health risk to personnel.
  • We provide maximum possible protection for personnel including the use of awareness tools.
  • PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) is provided for hazardous area & material.
  • First Aid facilities and back up medical supports are provided.

Environmental Safety
OiLibya Group gives maximum possible Care for the Environment where we operate. We adapt best practices in the Environmental management to prevent our products from reaching soil & ground water, reduce the emissions from our process units and take the appropriate remediation if needed.

We also monitor our Environment performance regularly.( spill  into water, soil…etc  ..)
  • Spill Prevention- We maintain our process equipments to ensure early detections with appropriate controls in terms of hardware, procedure and manpower. All facilities that transport, store and operate have spill emergency response plans adequately established & maintained for the worst possible case scenarios. Each affiliate has the responsibility to ensure that this plan is being exercised regularly including coordination with local authorities’ emergency support.
  • Emission Reduction-  We strive to consume least possible energy and  limit emissions of materials . 


  • Waste management- OiLibya Group devotes much attention to manage wastes generated from our activities. The design of facilities takes into account environmental requirements and waste management in accordance with local legal requirements & our standards. Hazardous waste is as much as possible segregated and disposed in accordance with MSDS or safe practices and/or legal requirements.
  • Remediation- where we are involved in environmental pollution, OiLibya Group applies remediation strategy. The first & foremost action is to immediately stop the sources of pollution (activate Emergency response plan) to be followed by investigation, corrective actions & subsequent remediation works where possible.