Our Approach


At OiLibya, we consider our employees to be our most important asset. We are committed to provide a work environment which enables our diverse workforce to be fully motivated in their job.

To this end we have designed a Human Resources strategy whose aim includes the consolidation at the forefront among our competitors, with the target to become the pacesetter in our industry. The said strategy aims to ensure that our staff are remunerated in accordance with local industry standards, as well as to allow them to work in an environment where diversity, innovation, professionalism in doing business, and a strict compliance to both local law and internal code of conduct relating to the company governance, are highly valued.


When it comes to realizing the Group’s vision, we attach high importance to our employees’ opinions.  We aim to tailor a road map for each of our staff, so as to provide each and every one with the opportunity to develop their careers and achieve personal goals, while at the same time enabling a growing and sustained learning curve in the company.

At OiLibya our belief in valuing human resources means satisfied and engaged employees, who are eager to deliver unmatched quality products and services to our valued customers.