Community Development

OiLibya provides direct support to local communities where its affiliates operate, including allocating funds to assist disadvantaged people, sponsoring students and sporting events, engagement in community work by collecting funds, or by volunteering for community social, environmental and economic initiatives, as well as organizing charity events.

​The efforts of OiLibya affiliates cover a broad range of activities and are targeting different groups, including young people and people with special needs. This enables us to be more closely involved in the communities we operate in across a broader spectrum, since by doing so we involve not only our own employees and the Group, but also other members of the community who are directly concerned and benefit from our activities.

To name a few, OiLibya's responsibilities to the community are evident in the following events
  • Libya Oil Ethiopia Limited, our affiliate in Ethiopia, is a key sponsor of an annual fund raising event entitled 'Marching for Disabled Children', which is organized by Cheshire Services Ethiopia. Founded in 1962, Cheshire Servies is an independent non-profit making organization which provides orthopedic and social rehabilitation services for children and young people with disabilities in Ethiopia. 
  • Libya Oil Tunisie is well known as a major sponsor of the Rally OiLibya Tunisie. Libya Oil Maroc is also well known as a major sponsor of Rally OiLibya Maroc.Through this involvement we aim to bring direct benefits to the communities in which we operate, as well as to offer opportunities to our employees fully to tap into their experience and their knowledge to develop professionally, and to improve team spirit and creativity.


Libya Oil Tunisie S.A.

Libya Oil Tunisie, our affiliate in Tunisia, has designed a policy specifically to govern its dealings with Tunisian charities and allocated on an annual basis the 
necessary funds to govern its dealing with Tunisian charities. the Local management meets regularly to deliberate about what charitable activities the company should engage in, to make decisions on charity initiatives, and how to implement them. This is in addition to employees’ personal efforts. In order to develop its social network, Libya Oil Tunisie participates through civil society in charitable operations targeting mainly the national association of disabled persons and actions directed towards the education of children in underdeveloped and needy areas.


  • Libya Oil Tunisie organizes and sponsors local events which benefit the local communities, and is also engaged in charity events at national level.
  • Libya Oil Tunisie is also well known to participate when possible in sponsoring major events shows LOTN involvement in local social affairs leads to market our brand