Message from CEO

OLA Energy has started a new chapter in its development. The recent launch of our new Retail Visual Identity reflects the commitment we have to the market. Africa’s population is set to double by 2050. This growth will bring about a monumental rise in retail demand and other lines of the business. I would like to commend Mr. Ibrahim Bugaighis for solidifying OLA Energy’s position as an eminent downstream marketing company with presence in 18 African countries, a reach that will help us take full advantage of future opportunities.
Guided by our core values, we will balance the need for business agility at the Affiliates level with governance at the Group level. We will accomplish this by modernizing our processes and working efficiently as a team. Our culture needs to be one in which progression and success is based on effort and contribution. With that we can lead in the market whilst maintaining the high quality of service our customers and partners expect of us.
Corporate social responsibility will remain at the helm of business decisions. We will continue to champion a comprehensive approach to reducing risk in Safety, Health and Environment.
As a former senior advisor in Libya’s Oil and Finance Ministry who has had extensive experience in Global Strategic Markets and International Business, I understand that continuity and stability are vital to a sound business. This is why I will focus on elevating OLA Energy, building upon the successes of the past and embracing the technological advancements that are currently sweeping the natural resources industry.
I would like to thank our talented global workforce who enable us to operate effectively in highly diverse cultural environments. As a company, we will continue to work hard to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and partners for years to come.
Mazin Ramadan