Business Conduct & Ethics


It is OiLibya’s policy that all companies in our group, their directors, senior managers and other employees, must act ethically and in accordance with best business practices.  These policies are reviewed periodically in order to keep them updated with the best practices in force in our industry, and to help ensure that the business is carried out in a responsible manner in the countries where OiLibya affiliates operate.

OiLibya staff are bound by the Business Code of Conduct when performing their duties. Above all, we require OiLibya Directors, Senior Managers and other employees to act responsibly and ethically at all times. In the same vein, we expect any stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, customer, counterparts in governments institutions, NGOs, and community groups) dealing with OiLibya affiliates, to act responsibly and ethically. 


Although this statement of our general policy does not cover all situations, it is the bedrock on which all our more detailed policy guidelines rest.  The most prominent of these policies include:

  • Alcohol and Drug policy
  • Conflict of Interests policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity policy
  • Ethics policy
  • Protection of the Environment policy