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The Libya Oil O 'Card is a fuel card that is designed to provide convenience and control to both consumers and commercial users.

The O’Card is equipped with the state of the art electronic chip to ensure ease of operation along with maximum security. A PIN is assigned to each user to ensure validation of each transaction.

The O’Card comes with settings which can be customized to meet your specific needs; you can choose from different integrated products and services, decide which days of authorized use and even enjoy limiting transactions to specific service stations.

The O'card also allows you a rational control of your costs with a detailed report that covers all transactions. This report is attached to your monthly bills.

All transactions are detailed per vehicle per user per point of sale (POS). Tracking these fuel supply operations can also be done daily through our web solution "E-Fuel" dedicated to the O'card.
The O’card can be charged at the participating OiLibya service stations.

The following are additional benefits to the O’card:

Multipurpose Use​

  • O'Card is not only used to fuel your vehicle or fleet, but also provided a convenient way and secure way to purchase products and services available in our service stations, such as lubricants, car washed, services and products available in stores.
  • You can control the products and services you can get for each of your cards.
  • Spending limits can be customized according to your specific needs. For fleet purposes, you can set individual limits for each vehicle or user.
  • These limits can be set by day, week and / or month.
  • You can also determine the days of authorized use and limit trading to specific stations. If you wish, O'Card may be disabled, for example on weekends.
  • The O’Card also offers the "Input Mileage" option to control the consumption of your vehicles.

  • O'Card combines security and flexibility.
  • The O'Card has a latest generation chip with its own PIN to the user that ensures total security of transactions. Unlike good coupons in the event of loss or theft of the card, it can not be used without the PIN will be deactivated and upon receipt of notice of loss or theft or following the seizure to 3 successive occasions wrong codes.
  • A second code can be activated for free if O'Card is used by several people. Thus it is possible to associate each card PIN codes and multiple secure drivers so that everyone has a unique code.

O'Card is an optimal solution which allows you to reduce your fuel expenses.
  • The monthly invoice O'Card offers a recovery of VAT * on your fuel purchases.
  • Daily monitoring of the consumption of your fleet through our website allows you to react in time in case of abnormal or abusive use and thus save on fuel expenses.
  • "Input Mileage" calculates the average fuel consumption per vehicle (in liters per 100 kilometers) and allow detecting of any abnormal use or consumption.
​*: Depending on local laws and regulations.​

O'Card is a tool that allows you a detailed and precise monitoring of your fleet.
  • Monitory small and often illegible invoices will become part of the past. To help you avoid wasting time and money on reconciliation, you will receive a statement showing all your transactions detailed by date, time, service stations, product type, quantity and value consumed, and For each of your cards.
  • With our web solution "E-fuel" you can view and download daily detailed maps of your confidential transactions.
  • On your online O’Card account, you will also find more information, such as options granted to each card, the list of invalid cards, etc. Prepaid offers
  • ​Prepaid O'Card of Libya Oil Tunisia can be charged a minimum amount of unlimited validity. It can also be recharged at a distance in the gas station of your choice throughout the country. This is the best solution for you to offer a convenient and secure benefit to your managers and employees.

Post-paid Cards

A card for businesses and companies with a large fleet of vehicles. Customers are invoiced on a regular basis for transactions after they have taken place.

Pre-paid Cards

A prepaid card, which can be pre-loaded as an electronic wallet, and is designed to be used by medium sized businesses.

Disposable Cards

A disposable card, which is an electronic purse, is not rechargeable, and is meant for the general public. This can be bought at service stations and has an amount already credited to it.

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