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OiLibya Aviation Fuels Supply is a key player in Africa, providing Jet Fuel (JET A1) to over 100 commercial airlines and general aviation customers in over 50 Airports across the continent, and Indian Ocean Isles. OiLibya Aviation maintains its pre-eminence through safety, quality, service, and trust. 

  • Supplier of Choice

With a significant regional presence, our diverse workforce unites as a global team to meet your service delivery needs. Accessibility of our team, service delivery, safety and punctuality are our key attributes.

  • Quality & Safety

Stringent Safety Health & Environment controls ensure our employees and partners operate in a safe and healthy environment.

Quality Control and Safety are paramount. With rigorous training and an in-house certified JIG inspector, product and fuel handling standards across our network of airports are up to date with the latest JIG guidelines, enabling a service delivery that is in line with industry standards of quality and service.

  • Partnerships

OiLibya Aviation Fuels Supply is an IATA strategic partner. Working closely with our customers and partners is of an essence to deliver sustainable solutions in a market where the industry faces continuous regulatory and social pressures. 

To learn more about our services and locations where we operate, download our OiLibya Aviation Brochure or click on the Global Map on the footer below for an interactive map.