Our Brands

Our Group, which is present in all sectors of the the oil and gas industry, markets its products under the OiLibya brand.

The OiLibya brand, which was created less than 10 years ago, has already helped us to gain significant market awareness across Africa and beyond. The speed with which we have managed to achieve this recognition reflects our drive and the single minded pursuit of our goals. We believe that the simple, elegant look of our brand reflects our focus on attaining the objectives that we set ourselves.


OiLibya is the brand and trading name used by the Libya Oil Holdings Ltd Group. OiLibya represents exceptional service, care and quality.


A one-stop-shop for all convenience shopping and needs incorporating food courts in strategic sites, chemist/pharmacy and ATMs.


Fast fresh coffee and snacks offered by friendly staff for the on-the-go needs.


The OiLibya card is safe and simple to use and provides a smart way to manage fuels, lubricants and services costs for both fleet customers and individual motorist.


Facilities for modern car oil change services, offering world class lubricants.


Full car service offered at select sites incorporating general vehicle checks, tyre care and repairs.


Facilities for quick, convenient car wash for the busy motorist.


Safe, affordable, clean energy to meet growing demand for LPG in Africa.